NOLAN N-COM B901R BLUETOOTH INTERCOM SİSTEMİ ( N100-5 - N104 - N87 - N70 - N44 - N40 )

Ürün Kodu : NCOM.B901R
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  • Compatibility with: 

    N100-5/PLUS; N104/EVO/ABSOLUTE; N87/PLUS; N70-2 GT/X; N44/EVO; N40-5 GT/-5/FULL


    • "Rider/Passenger" intercom via Bluetooth
    • BIKE-TO-BIKE intercom via Bluetooth up to 700 metres (in open field, with no obstacles). One-to-one communication. "Bike to Bike Call" Function
    • Smart Conference (Group intercom): simultaneous conference call between 4 “900” series N-Com systems
    • Universal Conference (Chain intercom): simultaneous conference call between a “900” series N-Com system and a system paired up in “Universal Intercom” mode
    • VOX: voice activation and deactivation of the intercom
    • Compatible via Bluetooth with Nolangroup Bluetooth communication systems (except for Bluetooth kit and Bluetooth kit2, which are not compatible)
    • Compatibility via Bluetooth with intercom systems of other brands (Universal Intercom) - except for Bluetooth kit and Bluetooth kit2, which are not compatible


    • Telephone via Bluetooth: vocal answer, hanging up, voice commands, redialling the last number, switch intercom/phone automatic management
    • Automatic exclusion of intercom and of the connected audio source during a telephone conversation. Automatic reconnection at the end of the phone call
    • "Conference Call" function: 3-way telephone call between Rider, Passenger and caller
    • Double mobile phone management (or Mobile phone and GPS)
    • Storing of 3 favourite numbers, with speed-dialling command
    • Smart Navi System: intelligent management of smartphone navigator
    • iPhone™ and Android™ Compatible. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. / Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


    • Bluetooth connection to A2DP Mp3 players: Play, Pause, Stop, Skip directly from the helmet (AVRCP profile)
    • Music sharing via Bluetooth with a second helmet


    • Connection via Bluetooth to compatible satellite navigators: directions, MP3 music, mobile phone (for models that allow it)


    • FM radio integrated: Search for radio stations, 6 pre-settings
    • RDS function: automatic search of the stronger FM signal.
    • Automatic mute in case of incoming phone calls


    • Connection via Bluetooth to the following audio systems: Ducati, BMW, KTM, Honda Goldwing, Harley Davidson
    • Hearing all audio signals coming from the motorbike in the helmet
    • Adjusting the volume of audio coming from the bike by means of the control on the handlebars (for models that allow it)
    • For all information, please visit the specific pages of the CONNECTIVITY section


    • Management from PC via mini USB wire (included)
    • N-Com Easyset programme downloadable from the Support section. Adjustment of audio parameters, firmware update, FM radio stations pre-setting,  saving quick-dial numbers
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac


    • Management of the N-Com system from Android, iPhone Smartphone and iPad thanks to the dedicated App N-Com Easyset


    • Compatibility via Bluetooth with the SENA RC4 remote control
    • Management of the N-Com system through the remote control that can be installed on the motorbike handlebars
    • For the connection and operating modes, please refer to the user manual of B901 and RC4.
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